CPack Archive Generator

Archive CPack generator that supports packaging of sources and binaries in different formats:

  • 7Z - 7zip - (.7z)
  • TBZ2 (.tar.bz2)
  • TGZ (.tar.gz)
  • TXZ (.tar.xz)
  • TZ (.tar.Z)
  • ZIP (.zip)

Variables specific to CPack Archive generator


Package file name without extension which is added automatically depending on the archive format.

  • Mandatory : YES

  • Default : <CPACK_PACKAGE_FILE_NAME>[-<component>].<extension> with

    spaces replaced by ‘-‘


Enable component packaging for CPackArchive

  • Mandatory : NO
  • Default : OFF

If enabled (ON) multiple packages are generated. By default a single package containing files of all components is generated.