CPack PackageMaker Generator

PackageMaker CPack generator (macOS).

Variables specific to CPack PackageMaker generator

The following variable is specific to installers built on Mac macOS using PackageMaker:


The version of macOS that the resulting PackageMaker archive should be compatible with. Different versions of macOS support different features. For example, CPack can only build component-based installers for macOS 10.4 or newer, and can only build installers that download component son-the-fly for macOS 10.5 or newer. If left blank, this value will be set to the minimum version of macOS that supports the requested features. Set this variable to some value (e.g., 10.4) only if you want to guarantee that your installer will work on that version of macOS, and don’t mind missing extra features available in the installer shipping with later versions of macOS.