Green Hills MULTI

Generates Green Hills MULTI project files (experimental, work-in-progress).

The buildsystem has predetermined build-configuration settings that can be controlled via the CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE variable.

Customizations that are used to pick toolset and target system:

The -A <arch> can be supplied for setting the target architecture. <arch> usually is one of “arm”, “ppc”, “86”, etcetera. If the target architecture is not specified then the default architecture of “arm” will be used.

The -T <toolset> option can be used to set the directory location of the toolset. Both absolute and relative paths are valid. Relative paths use GHS_TOOLSET_ROOT as the root. If the toolset is not specified then the latest toolset found in GHS_TOOLSET_ROOT will be used.

Cache variables that are used for toolset and target system customization:


    Defaults to integrity.
    Usual values are integrity, threadx, uvelosity, velosity, vxworks, standalone.

    Sets primaryTarget entry in project file.
    Defaults to <arch>_<GHS_TARGET_PLATFORM>.tgt.

    Root path for toolset searches.
    Defaults to C:/ghs.

    Root path for RTOS searches.
    Defaults to C:/ghs.

    Sets -os_dir entry in project file.
    Defaults to latest platform OS installation at GHS_OS_ROOT. Set this value if a specific RTOS is to be used.

    Sets -bsp entry in project file.
    Defaults to sim<arch> for integrity platforms.

Customizations are available through the following cache variables:


The following properties are available:


This generator is deemed experimental as of CMake 3.14.3 and is still a work in progress. Future versions of CMake may make breaking changes as the generator matures.