Specify a CMake file that overrides platform information.

CMake loads the specified file while enabling support for each language from either the project() or enable_language() commands. It is loaded after CMake’s builtin compiler and platform information modules have been loaded but before the information is used. The file may set platform information variables to override CMake’s defaults.

This feature is intended for use only in overriding information variables that must be set before CMake builds its first test project to check that the compiler for a language works. It should not be used to load a file in cases that a normal include() will work. Use it only as a last resort for behavior that cannot be achieved any other way. For example, one may set the CMAKE_C_FLAGS_INIT variable to change the default value used to initialize the CMAKE_C_FLAGS variable before it is cached. The override file should NOT be used to set anything that could be set after languages are enabled, such as variables like CMAKE_RUNTIME_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY that affect the placement of binaries. Information set in the file will be used for try_compile() and try_run() builds too.