Creates the payload for a new tokens issuance with crowdsale.


Name Type Presence Description
ecosystem number required the ecosystem to create the tokens in (1 for main ecosystem, 2 for test ecosystem)
type number required the type of the tokens to create: (1 for indivisible tokens, 2 for divisible tokens)
previousid number required an identifier of a predecessor token (use 0 for new tokens)
category string required a category for the new tokens (can be "")
subcategory string required a subcategory for the new tokens (can be "")
name string required the name of the new tokens to create
url string required an URL for further information about the new tokens (can be "")
data string required a description for the new tokens (can be "")
propertyiddesired number required the identifier of a token eligible to participate in the crowdsale
tokensperunit string required the amount of tokens granted per unit invested in the crowdsale
deadline number required the deadline of the crowdsale as Unix timestamp
earlybonus number required an early bird bonus for participants in percent per week
issuerpercentage number required a percentage of tokens that will be granted to the issuer


"payload"  // (string) the hex-encoded payload


$ omnicore-cli "omni_createpayload_issuancecrowdsale" 2 1 0 "Companies" "Bitcoin Mining" "Quantum Miner" "" "" 2 "100" 1483228800 30 2