Adds a payload with class B (bare-multisig) encoding to the transaction.

If no raw transaction is provided, a new transaction is created.

If the data encoding fails, then the transaction is not modified.


Name Type Presence Description
rawtx string required the raw transaction to extend (can be null)
payload string required the hex-encoded payload to add
seed string required the seed for obfuscation
payload string required a public key or address for dust redemption


"rawtx"  // (string) the hex-encoded modified raw transaction


$ omnicore-cli "omni_createrawtx_multisig" \
    "0100000001a7a9402ecd77f3c9f745793c9ec805bfa2e14b89877581c734c774864247e6f50400000000ffffffff01aa0a00000 \
    00000001976a9146d18edfe073d53f84dd491dae1379f8fb0dfe5d488ac00000000" \
    "1LifmeXYHeUe2qdKWBGVwfbUCMMrwYtoMm" \