Creates and sends a funded simple send transaction.

All bitcoins from the sender are consumed and if there are bitcoins missing, they are taken from the specified fee source. Change is sent to the fee source!


Name Type Presence Description
fromaddress string required the address to send the tokens from
toaddress string required the address of the receiver
propertyid number required the identifier of the tokens to send
amount string required the amount to send
feeaddress string required the address that is used for change and to pay for fees, if needed


"hash"  // (string) the hex-encoded transaction hash


$ omnicore-cli "omni_funded_send" "1DFa5bT6KMEr6ta29QJouainsjaNBsJQhH" \
    "15cWrfuvMxyxGst2FisrQcvcpF48x6sXoH" 1 "100.0" \