Returns details for about the tokens or smart property to lookup.


Name Type Presence Description
propertyid number required the identifier of the tokens or property


  "propertyid" : n,               // (number) the identifier
  "name" : "name",                // (string) the name of the tokens
  "category" : "category",        // (string) the category used for the tokens
  "subcategory" : "subcategory",  // (string) the subcategory used for the tokens
  "data" : "information",         // (string) additional information or a description
  "url" : "uri",                  // (string) an URI, for example pointing to a website
  "divisible" : true|false,       // (boolean) whether the tokens are divisible
  "issuer" : "address",           // (string) the Bitcoin address of the issuer on record
  "creationtxid" : "hash",        // (string) the hex-encoded creation transaction hash
  "fixedissuance" : true|false,   // (boolean) whether the token supply is fixed
  "managedissuance" : true|false, // (boolean) whether the token supply is managed by the issuer
  "freezingenabled" : true|false, // (boolean) whether freezing is enabled for the property (managed properties only)
  "totaltokens" : "n.nnnnnnnn"    // (string) the total number of tokens in existence


$ omnicore-cli "omni_getproperty" 3