OpenCV  4.1.0
Open Source Computer Vision
cv::Node< OBJECT > Member List

This is the complete list of members for cv::Node< OBJECT >, including all inherited members.

addChild(Node< OBJECT > *pNode)cv::Node< OBJECT >inline
findChild(OBJECT &payload) const cv::Node< OBJECT >inline
findChild(Node< OBJECT > *pNode) const cv::Node< OBJECT >inline
getDepth()cv::Node< OBJECT >inline
m_childscv::Node< OBJECT >
m_payloadcv::Node< OBJECT >
m_pParentcv::Node< OBJECT >
Node()cv::Node< OBJECT >inline
Node(OBJECT &payload)cv::Node< OBJECT >inline
removeChilds()cv::Node< OBJECT >inline
~Node()cv::Node< OBJECT >inline