OpenCV  4.1.0
Open Source Computer Vision
cv::Size_< _Tp > Member List

This is the complete list of members for cv::Size_< _Tp >, including all inherited members.

area() const cv::Size_< _Tp >
aspectRatio() const cv::Size_< _Tp >
empty() const cv::Size_< _Tp >
heightcv::Size_< _Tp >
operator Size_< _Tp2 >() const cv::Size_< _Tp >
operator=(const Size_ &sz)cv::Size_< _Tp >
operator=(Size_ &&sz) CV_NOEXCEPTcv::Size_< _Tp >
Size_()cv::Size_< _Tp >
Size_(_Tp _width, _Tp _height)cv::Size_< _Tp >
Size_(const Size_ &sz)cv::Size_< _Tp >
Size_(Size_ &&sz) CV_NOEXCEPTcv::Size_< _Tp >
Size_(const Point_< _Tp > &pt)cv::Size_< _Tp >
value_type typedefcv::Size_< _Tp >
widthcv::Size_< _Tp >