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cv::quality::QualitySSIM::_mat_data Struct Reference

#include <opencv2/quality/qualityssim.hpp>

Public Types

using mat_type = QualityBase::_quality_map_type

Public Member Functions

 _mat_data (const mat_type &)

Static Public Member Functions

static std::pair< cv::Scalar,
compute (const _mat_data &lhs, const _mat_data &rhs)
static cv::Scalar compute (const std::vector< _mat_data > &lhs, const std::vector< _mat_data > &rhs, OutputArrayOfArrays qualityMaps)
static std::vector< _mat_datacreate (InputArrayOfArrays arr)

Public Attributes

mat_type I
mat_type I_2
mat_type mu
mat_type mu_2
mat_type sigma_2

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cv::quality::QualitySSIM::_mat_data::_mat_data ( const mat_type )

Member Function Documentation

static std::pair<cv::Scalar, mat_type> cv::quality::QualitySSIM::_mat_data::compute ( const _mat_data lhs,
const _mat_data rhs 
static cv::Scalar cv::quality::QualitySSIM::_mat_data::compute ( const std::vector< _mat_data > &  lhs,
const std::vector< _mat_data > &  rhs,
OutputArrayOfArrays  qualityMaps 
static std::vector<_mat_data> cv::quality::QualitySSIM::_mat_data::create ( InputArrayOfArrays  arr)

Member Data Documentation

mat_type cv::quality::QualitySSIM::_mat_data::I
mat_type cv::quality::QualitySSIM::_mat_data::I_2
mat_type cv::quality::QualitySSIM::_mat_data::mu
mat_type cv::quality::QualitySSIM::_mat_data::mu_2
mat_type cv::quality::QualitySSIM::_mat_data::sigma_2

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