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The maskContentUnits attribute defines the coordinate system for the contents of the <mask>.

If the maskContentUnits attribute isn't specified, then the effect is as if a value of userSpaceOnUse were specified.

Note that values defined as a percentage inside the content of the <mask> are not affected by this attribute. It means that even if you set the value of maskContentUnits to objectBoundingBox, percentage values will be calculated as if the value of the attribute were userSpaceOnUse.

Usage context

Categories None
Value userSpaceOnUse | objectBoundingBox
Animatable Yes
Normative document SVG 1.1 (2nd Edition)
The user coordinate system for the contents of the <mask> element is the current user coordinate system in place at the time when the <mask> element is referenced (i.e., the user coordinate system for the element referencing the <mask> element via the mask property).
The user coordinate system for the contents of the <mask> is established using the bounding box of the element to which the mask is applied. A bounding box could be considered the same as if the content of the <mask> were bound to a "0 0 1 1" viewbox.



The following elements can use the maskContentUnits attribute:

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