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SVG supports the standard XML attribute xml:space to specify the handling of white space characters within a given <text> element's character data. Note that any child element of a <text> element may also have an xml:space attribute which will apply to that child element's text content. Note that this attribute influences the way a browser should parse the xml content and therefore will change the way the DOM is built. It means that any change made to the value of this attribute through the DOM API may have no effect.

Usage context

Categories None
Value default | preserve
Animatable No
Normative document SVG 1.1 (2nd Edition)
The browser will remove all newline characters. Then it will convert all tab characters into space characters. Then, it will strip off all leading and trailing space characters. Then, all contiguous space characters will be consolidated.
The browser will will convert all newline and tab characters into space characters. Then, it will draw all space characters, including leading, trailing and multiple contiguous space characters. Thus, when drawn with xml:space="preserve", the string "a   b" (three spaces between "a" and "b") will produce a larger separation between "a" and "b" than "a b" (one space between "a" and "b").



All the SVG elements can use the xml:space attribute

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