Examples and Tools

In addition to the TodoMVC and Chat examples, here are some more examples to help demonstrate how to use the Flux architectural pattern.

NuclearMail #

Facebook engineer Ian Obermiller shows how to build a more complex Flux application in NuclearMail, an example GMail client.

Isomorphic Flux #

"Isomorphic JavaScript" describes JS applications that run on both the client and the server. React can easily render HTML server-side, and here are some example and tools published by people using React and Flux in isomorphic applications.

Yahoo! Flux examples by Michael Ridgway. Michael provides a number of tools to build isomorphic Flux applications, including Fluxible, Dispatchr, and Routr.

ssr-demo-kit by Andres Suarez. In this example application, Andres shows how he has been building isomorphic Flux applications at SoundCloud.