Command Line Usage

The Jekyll gem makes a jekyll executable available to you in your terminal.

You can use this command in a number of ways:

  • jekyll new - Creates a new Jekyll site with default gem-based theme
  • jekyll new --blank - Creates a new blank Jekyll site scaffold
  • jekyll build or jekyll b - Performs a one off build your site to ./_site (by default)
  • jekyll serve or jekyll s - Builds your site any time a source file changes and serves it locally
  • jekyll doctor - Outputs any deprecation or configuration issues
  • jekyll new-theme - Creates a new Jekyll theme scaffold
  • jekyll clean - Removes the generated site and metadata file
  • jekyll help - Shows help, optionally for a given subcommand, e.g. jekyll help build

Typically you’ll use jekyll serve while developing locally and jekyll build when you need to generate the site for production.

To change Jekyll’s default build behavior have a look through the configuration options.