Harmonic-percussive source separation

hpss(y, **kwargs) Decompose an audio time series into harmonic and percussive components.
harmonic(y, **kwargs) Extract harmonic elements from an audio time-series.
percussive(y, **kwargs) Extract percussive elements from an audio time-series.

Time and frequency

time_stretch(y, rate) Time-stretch an audio series by a fixed rate.
pitch_shift(y, sr, n_steps[, bins_per_octave]) Pitch-shift the waveform by n_steps half-steps.


remix(y, intervals[, align_zeros]) Remix an audio signal by re-ordering time intervals.
trim(y[, top_db, ref, frame_length, hop_length]) Trim leading and trailing silence from an audio signal.
split(y[, top_db, ref, frame_length, hop_length]) Split an audio signal into non-silent intervals.