librosa.effects.split(y, top_db=60, ref=<function amax>, frame_length=2048, hop_length=512)[source]

Split an audio signal into non-silent intervals.

y : np.ndarray, shape=(n,) or (2, n)

An audio signal

top_db : number > 0

The threshold (in decibels) below reference to consider as silence

ref : number or callable

The reference power. By default, it uses np.max and compares to the peak power in the signal.

frame_length : int > 0

The number of samples per analysis frame

hop_length : int > 0

The number of samples between analysis frames

intervals : np.ndarray, shape=(m, 2)

intervals[i] == (start_i, end_i) are the start and end time (in samples) of non-silent interval i.