OpenCV  4.1.0
Open Source Computer Vision
Utility functions for OpenCV samples


void cv::samples::addSamplesDataSearchPath (const cv::String &path)
 Override search data path by adding new search location.
void cv::samples::addSamplesDataSearchSubDirectory (const cv::String &subdir)
 Append samples search data sub directory.
cv::String cv::samples::findFile (const cv::String &relative_path, bool required=true, bool silentMode=false)
 Try to find requested data file.
cv::String cv::samples::findFileOrKeep (const cv::String &relative_path, bool silentMode=false)

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

void cv::samples::addSamplesDataSearchPath ( const cv::String path)

Override search data path by adding new search location.

Use this only to override default behavior Passed paths are used in LIFO order.

pathPath to used samples data
void cv::samples::addSamplesDataSearchSubDirectory ( const cv::String subdir)

Append samples search data sub directory.

General usage is to add OpenCV modules name (<opencv_contrib>/modules/<name>/samples/data -> <name>/samples/data + modules/<name>/samples/data). Passed subdirectories are used in LIFO order.

subdirsamples data sub directory
cv::String cv::samples::findFile ( const cv::String relative_path,
bool  required = true,
bool  silentMode = false 

Try to find requested data file.

Search directories:

  1. Directories passed via addSamplesDataSearchPath()
  2. OPENCV_SAMPLES_DATA_PATH_HINT environment variable
  3. OPENCV_SAMPLES_DATA_PATH environment variable If parameter value is not empty and nothing is found then stop searching.
  4. Detects build/install path based on: a. current working directory (CWD) b. and/or binary module location (opencv_core/opencv_world, doesn't work with static linkage)
  5. Scan <source>/{,data,samples/data} directories if build directory is detected or the current directory is in source tree.
  6. Scan <install>/share/OpenCV directory if install directory is detected.
See Also
relative_pathRelative path to data file
requiredSpecify "file not found" handling. If true, function prints information message and raises cv::Exception. If false, function returns empty result
silentModeDisables messages
Returns path (absolute or relative to the current directory) or empty string if file is not found
samples/cpp/connected_components.cpp, samples/cpp/create_mask.cpp, samples/cpp/demhist.cpp, samples/cpp/distrans.cpp, samples/cpp/edge.cpp, samples/cpp/facedetect.cpp, samples/cpp/falsecolor.cpp, samples/cpp/ffilldemo.cpp, samples/cpp/fitellipse.cpp, samples/cpp/grabcut.cpp, samples/cpp/image_alignment.cpp, samples/cpp/squares.cpp, samples/cpp/stitching.cpp, samples/cpp/stitching_detailed.cpp, samples/cpp/warpPerspective_demo.cpp, samples/cpp/watershed.cpp, samples/dnn/classification.cpp, samples/dnn/colorization.cpp, samples/dnn/object_detection.cpp, samples/dnn/openpose.cpp, samples/dnn/segmentation.cpp, and samples/tapi/squares.cpp.
cv::String cv::samples::findFileOrKeep ( const cv::String relative_path,
bool  silentMode = false