OpenCV  4.1.0
Open Source Computer Vision
cv::saliency Namespace Reference


class  MotionSaliency
class  MotionSaliencyBinWangApr2014
 the Fast Self-tuning Background Subtraction Algorithm from More...
class  Objectness
class  ObjectnessBING
 Objectness algorithms based on [3] [3] Cheng, Ming-Ming, et al. "BING: Binarized normed gradients for objectness estimation at 300fps." IEEE CVPR. 2014. More...
class  Saliency
class  StaticSaliency
class  StaticSaliencyFineGrained
 the Fine Grained Saliency approach from More...
class  StaticSaliencySpectralResidual
 the Spectral Residual approach from More...