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Salt is a new approach to infrastructure management built on a dynamic communication bus. Salt can be used for data-driven orchestration, remote execution for any infrastructure, configuration management for any app stack, and much more.


  • June 17: 3001 is now available.
  • May 13: 3000.3 is now available.
  • May 13: 2019.2.5 is now available.
  • April 23: SaltStack has identified a CVE that needs immediate attention. For more information click here.

Install Salt

SaltStack provides installation packages for popular platforms at

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Salt Project

  • Stable release: 3001

Learn more at

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Remote Execution

Running commands on remote systems is the core function of Salt. Salt can execute commands across thousands of systems in seconds.

Configuration Management

Salt contains a robust and flexible configuration management framework that allows effortless, simultaneous configuration of tens of thousands of systems.

Event-Driven Infrastructure

Salt is built around an event infrastructure that can drive reactive provisioning, configuration, and management across all systems in your infrastructure.

Salt Essentials

Learn about the fundamental components and concepts that you need to understand to use Salt.

More Resources

Salt Cloud

Provision systems on cloud hosts and immediately bring them under management.

Agentless Salt

Run commands and states directly over SSH without installing an agent.

Command-Line Reference

Learn how to use the Salt command-line interfaces to manage your infrastructure.

All Commands

Module Reference

Salt is seriously extensible, and modules are available to customize nearly every component in Salt.

All Modules


Featured Blogs & Tutorials

SaltStack Terminology & Concepts

Six-part series on managing development environments with SaltStack.

Salt Commands Cheatsheet

List of common Salt commands.

Software Deployment with SaltStack

Two-part series on deploying software using SaltStack.

Creating an Event-Driven Infrastructure with Salt Reactor

Introduction to Salt Reactor.

How to Auto-Scale Your Cloud with SaltStack

Autoscaling EC2 using the Salt Reactor.

Scaling Zulily’s Infrastructure in a Pinch, with Salt

Overview of Zulily’s SaltStack implementation.

Salt Books

Getting Started with SaltStack

A practical introduction to using the SaltStack Configuration Management and Remote Execution Tool.

Learning SaltStack

Learn how to manage your infrastructure by utilizing the power of SaltStack.

Mastering SaltStack

Take charge of SaltStack to automate and configure enterprise-grade environments.

Salt Cookbook

Over 80 hands-on recipes to efficiently configure and manage your infrastructure with Salt.

Salt Essentials

Get a complete introduction to Salt, the widely used Python-based configuration management and remote execution tool.

SaltStack for DevOps

Extremely fast and simple IT automation and configuration management.

Network Automation at Scale

Network Automation at Scale with SaltStack.

Extending SaltStack

Extend the power of your infrastructure and applications with Salt modules.

Learning Salt Video Course

Build reliable, scalable, and secure infrastructures with Salt